2016 Australians Today Report

Summary Video

Watch this video for the background, methodology and summary of the Australians Today Report. This report, the largest of its kind, looks at life in Australia as described by our diverse population.

Lizzy’s Story

Lizzy shares her story as a Melburnian from South Sudan, her experiences of discrimination and her hope and optimism for the future in the city she loves to call home.

Chris’ Story

Watch Chris share his story as a New Zealander living and working in Australia. He compares the lifestyle and job opportunities in New Zealand and Australia and the difficulties for New Zealanders in becoming Australian Citizens.

Hashmat’s Story

Hashmat shares his story as a refugee from Afghanistan and how he fell in love with Australia. Listen to Hashmat’s view on Australia’s treatment of refugees, his identification as Australian and the sense of respect he perceives among Australia’s multicultural communities.