Life satisfaction, happiness and future expectations.

This domain measures: satisfaction with present financial situation and indication of happiness over the last year.

Acceptance / Rejection Legitimacy

Experience of discrimination, attitudes towards minorities and newcomers.

This domain measures: rejection, indicated by a negative view of immigration from many different countries; reported experience of discrimination in the last 12 months; disagreement with government support to ethnic minorities for maintenance of customs and traditions; feeling that life in three or four years will be worse.


Voluntary work, political and cooperative involvement.

This domain measures: whether a participant has voted in an election; signed a petition; contacted a Member of Parliament; participated in a boycott; attended a protest.

Social Justice and Equity

Evaluation of national policies.

This domain measures: views on the adequacy of financial support for people on low incomes; the gap between high and low incomes; Australia as a land of economic opportunity; trust in the Australian government.


Shared values, identification with Australia and trust.

This domain measures: indication of pride in the Australia way of life and culture; sense of belonging; importance of maintaining Australian way of life and culture.