The 26 week training course provides 60 young people with the opportunity to learn key trade skills in building and carpentry. Successful graduates from the Certificate I course then have the opportunity to progress to a Certificate II course, and potentially an apprenticeship with Simons Homes.

Many of our participants come from very challenging backgrounds. Some of will have numeracy/literacy issues. Some will be culturally isolated, or will have grown up in an abusive or unsupportive family. For others, a conventional school education may not have suited their learning style.

The program provides supportive mentoring – assisting participants in building their confidence and life skills. All students undertake class work and vocational construction training, that is learning how to construct and build actual items including park furniture, container conversions for social housing and other building projects. These items are then sold onto external parties, with all revenue received invested back into the program.

By providing these young people with hands on training, they have the opportunity to access entry level construction jobs, an apprenticeship, or non-trade work within the building and construction industry.