The Social Outfit’s Retail Training Program addresses the multiple, complex barriers to employment faced by young women from refugee backgrounds. The young women are engaged in a 6-months of training and employment in our live retail environment. Designed to support social cohesion, the women develop new networks and build confidence through interacting with broader Sydney communities in a diverse multi-cultural workplace.

One of the recent graduates is now employed with The Social Outfit working unassisted in the store. Another young women Jehan (featured in the video) works casually with Soical Outfit at markets and events, whilst studying nursing. Jehan says… “I am learning lots of things because Australia is a new country for me. I am building confidence and learning how to talk to a variety of people. I love that women can work in Australia.”

Social Outfit’s Retail-Training-Manager shares the progress she has seen in another of our trainees “In the beginning, her confidence was so low but now, I let her take the lead telling our story. She does such a good job, makes eye-contact. Six months ago I would not have thought that was possible for her.”

Social Outfit are currently working on developing a feeder course with a training partner, which will enable a larger number of women to receive training in their store where they can get hands on experience. They are also developing and strengthening our network of industry mentors and pathways to open employment.