The project has been designed in collaboration with the Australian Hazara Women’s Friendship Network (AHWFN).

Originally, the Australian Hazara Women’s Friendship Network (AHWFN) ran their own English language and life-skills courses for members – in response to the isolation experienced by participants, due to challenges with literacy, English language and home administration skills.

While great progress was being made, the AHWFN identified that a more structured curriculum was needed. Since, AHWFN has been working with Community Four to build a new curriculum, which is tailored to the life experiences and education backgrounds of the Australian Hazara women living in Casey.

As part of this project, an connection is being developed with Hampton Park Football and Netball Club (HPFNC), who are seeking to build bridges into new and emerging communities that exist within their neighbourhood.

HPFNC has offered to support the AHWFN life-skills project, through volunteers, employment networks, and venue provision. Both HPFNC and the AHWFN have a share the goal of building community and collaboration, which can be leveraged to build strong bonds between these diverse communities.