annual grants round 2020 is now open

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18th September 2020

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  • Pathways to employment

expressions of interest

Expressions of interest must meet the following:

Key Criteria

The Scanlon Foundation is looking to support projects that demonstrate their contribution to social cohesion through building pathways to employment. 

Pathways to Employment 

This grant looks to actively support people into employment, working directly with individuals who are unemployed, and may include those that have lost their jobs as a result of Covid-19, or business failure or are recent graduates from school or university. Successful applicants will go beyond resume writing and interview skills to actively engage with local employers. Projects that support volunteering and internships are welcome.

  1. Employment pathways: Programs that work directly with individuals, and contribute to the building of employment confidence, conversational and business skills, career guidance, resume building and the presentation of experience and strengths, interviewing techniques, business behaviours and resources to assist in starting a new position.
  2. Local business engagement: Programs should actively facilitate engagement with local businesses to introduce or expand experience of workplace cultures, language and colloquialisms, and encourage formal recognition of experience. Other highly desirable activities include coaching of businesses in new arrival recruitment and employee management and post-employment support.
  3. Mentors: Programs that facilitate mentor relationships to support participants to understand employment arrangements in Australia and support them through the employment process.
  4. Diverse groups: Projects should encourage intercultural conversations to share and recognise mutual contributions.
  5. Needs analysis: Applicants should demonstrate how the needs of participants have been identified, and how the program has been designed to meet these needs.

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