The Scanlon Foundation provides support to organisations working to improve Australia’s social cohesion in areas where there is the greatest need.


Since 2001, the Scanlon Foundation has been distributing grants to build Australia’s social cohesion and to support the transition of those who come to make Australia home.

Using a research-based approach, it responds to opportunities and supports local communities through different grant types – from small, pace-based projects to larger scale initiatives that aim to influence systems and institutions.

Grant Types

Annual Community Grants


Status: Open

Annual Community Grants are the core of the Foundation’s local investments. These grants focus on two areas that are consistently raised by the community as particular areas of need: employment and literacy.

In the area of employment, the Foundation looks for programs that understand the needs of potential employees, work directly with local businesses and consider the transition requirements of individuals and organisations.

For literacy, the Foundation looks for programs that help individuals acquire English more informally, in ways that are accessible, flexible for meeting individual needs and (ideally) sustainable.

In both areas the Foundation welcomes innovative approaches.

Key Dates

The Scanlon Foundation’s Annual Community Grants for 2023 are now open. Applications close at midnight on Friday, September 1st, 2023.

Info Session

Applicants may find the information session from the 2022 annual community grants useful when approaching this grant round.

Please note: the dates mentioned in this video are not relevant to the 2023 grant round.


Who Can Apply

Any organisation with DGR1 status, Australia-wide.


DGR1 status

Proposed program is aligned with the Foundation’s focus areas and mission


The grant round normally concludes in November/December, with successful applicants notified shortly thereafter.

Multiyear Grants


Status: Open

In some circumstances the Foundation may agree to provide a grant for a project that continues for more than one year.

Key Dates


Who Can Apply

Following an Annual Community Grants round, the Foundation evaluates the effectiveness of all grantee programs. Those that have met specific criteria are put forward to the Scanlon Foundation’s Grants Committee for approval for further funding.


Met or exceeded planned deliverables

Maintained contact with the Foundation regularly and proactively to communicate changes

Completed an acquittal report

The grantee is able to articulate their vision for the future of the program


Organisations are invited to apply for multi-year funding by the Foundation following an Annual Community Grants round.

Proactive Grants


Status: Closed

In addition to the grant programs above, the Foundation proactively identifies projects that may make a significant impact for particular priority groups. Priority groups are determined using a research-based approach and are usually groups or communities facing particular need or exclusion. These groups are reconsidered each time the Foundation’s strategic plan is reviewed.

Key Dates

Applications will open in September, 2023. Please look out for more information then.

Who Can Apply

Proactive Grants are undertaken following community consultations. The Foundation considers engagement with many sectors and voices imperative to understanding the needs of our society and where it can be most effective.



Well targeted

Have a direct impact on social cohesion


Organisations may apply to the CEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, can we still apply or get another organisation to auspice the grant for us?

We can only provide grants to organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) 1 status. Your organisation is welcome to partner with an organisation who has DGR 1 status (auspice).

Does the Scanlon Foundation prefer to provide funding strictly for a 12-month period?

Annual Community Grants are intended for a single year grant. There is no restriction on an organisation applying more than once.

Are local government bodies eligible to apply for your Community Grants Program?

Yes, local government bodies are welcome to apply for specific projects through our Annual Community Grants program. The local government body will need to have DGR1 status.

Can I submit more than one application?

Yes. One organisation may submit multiple applications in a grant round; however, each application should be for a distinct project.

Supported Programs

A selection of programs supported by the Scanlon Foundation.

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of the programs we have funded.

A Taste of Harmony

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Sewing Seeds

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Black Diaspora Project

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Supported ProgramsElevating voicesOverview The Black Diaspora project documents the experiences of individuals of African ancestry living in Melbourne, and the spaces...

Community-led Responses To Racism

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Supported ProgramsAddressing barriersOverview With the support of the Scanlon Foundation, Victoria University, in partnership with the City of Wyndham, developed a...

Museums Victoria

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Supported ProgramsEnsuring cultural institutions are engaging and accessible to allOverview The Scanlon Foundation and Museums Victoria have embarked on a partnership...

The Huddle

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Flagship InitiativesEmpowering young people through education and sportOverview The Huddle grew from a partnership between the North Melbourne football club, the...