The 2019 Mapping Social Cohesion Report highlights findings of the Scanlon Foundation’s twelfth national survey since 2007 exploring Australians’ attitudes on social cohesion issues including discrimination, trust in government, and sense of belonging.

While 2019 survey results find evidence of a large measure of stability, some concerning trends and issues also emerge.

In line with previous surveys, a majority of respondents in 2019 report a ‘great’ or ‘moderate’ sense of belonging in Australia; indicate they have been ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ over the last year; and are ‘very optimistic’ or ‘optimistic’ about Australia’s future.

Concern over the quality of government as the most important issue facing Australia is at its lowest level since the question was first asked in 2011, and the proportion who believe Australian democracy ‘works fine’ or ‘needs minor change’ is consistent with previous years.

Concern about climate change, on the other hand, recorded a major spike in 2019, and there remains concern about the impact of immigration on overcrowding cities; housing prices; and government management of population growth