The report highlights findings of the Scanlon Foundation’s eleventh national survey since 2007 exploring Australians’ attitudes on social cohesion issues including discrimination, trust in government, and sense of belonging.

In addition, eight new immigration questions in this year’s survey provide deeper insight into the perceived value of immigration to the nation, and the potential issues influencing public opinion on immigration numbers.

Despite a period of sustained population growth, and increased concern over Australia’s immigration intake, the Scanlon Foundation’s 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion Report finds continued acceptance of cultural diversity, and a large measure of stability across key indicators of social cohesion.

In 2018, close to eight in ten Australians agree that immigrants improve Australian society by bringing new ideas and cultures, and that immigrants are good for Australia’s economy. Eighty-five percent agree with the proposition that ‘multiculturalism has been good for Australia

At the same time, close to five in ten are worried about the impact of immigration on overcrowding cities; housing prices; and government management of population growth.



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In 2008 the Foundation supported the production of a photos book celebrating Australia’s diversity. To celebrate 10 years since it’s release again contacted a selection of the participants in that book to learn what has changed in the last 10 years.

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