our foundation

The Scanlon Foundation aspires to see Australia advance as a welcoming, prosperous and cohesive nation particularly related to the transition of migrants into Australian Society. The Foundation supports ongoing longitudinal research into the indicators of social cohesion and the results of this research inform the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation makes grants to improve social cohesion in areas of greatest need within Australia.

our history

The Scanlon Foundation was established in 2001 with the endeavor to enhance and foster social cohesion within Australia.

It was formed on a view that Australia, with the exception of Australia’s First Peoples, is and always will be a migrant nation. That our migrant history has and will continue to shape us as a nation and that for Australia to continue to advance as a prosperous and welcoming nation, monitoring and supporting social cohesion is vital.

Early in its establishment, the Foundation saw an opportunity to develop annual research that would monitor the health of social cohesion within Australia and now drives the ‘Mapping of Social Cohesion’ national surveys that is a key driver of allocating foundation funds in the community for best impact.

The Foundation acknowledges that the challenge for migrants to settle in a new country can present many barriers, even more so for those from refugee backgrounds. Through its community support the Foundation aims to address and overcome these barriers. This is achieved through both small local community grants and multiyear partnerships.

The Foundation takes great pride in Australia’s diversity and the dynamism and richness of culture that it creates. We, therefore, also look for opportunities to celebrate this cultural diversity through programs like A Taste of Harmony.

our staff

Anthea Hancocks – Chief Executive Officer

Rachael Scotland – Programs Manager

Faysal Farah – Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator